Here, Miss

by eustasy Labs

Here, Miss is a set of tiny drop-ins to detect DNT headers and determine whether or not to track the user. It allows you to over-ride manufacturer default settings within Internet Explorer. You might want to take a look at the unminified version if you want to understand what it is doing, or just implement it like this:

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respectIE = bool(false)

A boolean value on whether to respect later IE versions that turn on DoNotTrack by default.

Defaults to false


trackme = bool(true)

A boolean value that states whether the user allows tracking.

dnt = bool(false)

A boolean value that states whether the DoNotTrack header was set.

isie = bool(true)

A boolean value to check if this is Internet Explorer.

iev = int(11)

The Internet Explorer version. An integer if Internet Explorer, false if not.

Browser isie iev dnt trackme
Chrome 57 false false false true
Firefox 52 false false true false
Internet Explorer 9 true 9 false true
Internet Explorer 11 true 11 true true*

* When respectIE is disabled (the default setting).